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Summer Tune-Up Tips For Your HVAC System

As summer comes on and the months begin to get warmer and warmer, your HVAC system will begin giving that "AC" part of the equation quite a workout. Your central air does a lot of the heavy lifting every summer when it comes to keeping your family cool and comfortable. If you want to ensure that your house stays as comfortable as possible but without putting extra stress on your HVAC system, here are some tips that might help.

Adjust Your Timers or Schedule to Reflect Your Summer Use

Most modern HVAC systems have the ability to set a schedule of when you would like your cooling system to be maintaining a specific temperature. Take advantage of this to ensure the right temperature while you are actually home but also try to conserve energy when you won't be needing the AC as much. For example, if you and your spouse have no kids, you might be able to raise the temperature during the day while you are away at work but make sure it is cooled again by the time you return in the evening hours.

If you have children or teenagers, however, chances are they are out of school in the summer and someone might be home during the daytime hours after all. Take a look at your family's schedule and adjust your HVAC schedule to ensure maximum comfort as well as potential energy savings.

Kick Off Summer With a Fresh Filter

That first dip in a swimming pool or first backyard BBQ during the summer months might just be your favorite moment of the year. But before you kick off the summer, make sure your cooling system gets a fresh start to the season with a new air filter. If you haven't changed your filter since last winter, chances are good that it's probably got a lot of gunk in it, and this is going to make your entire system run much less efficiently. A new air filter will allow your HVAC system to cool your house faster and allow your AC to switch off more frequently once the correct temperature is obtained.

Contact a Professional

For best results this summer and every season, you should contact a local HVAC professional for a full inspection. An HVAC pro can help you with that filter swap and also provide a full inspection that might catch potential problems that you've overlooked. Contact a local air conditioning services company today for more information