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2 Tips For Preparing Your Home For The Installation Of Your New Central A/C System

Whether your home has never had central air conditioning or has an older system, you may have decided that it is time to have a new one installed. While you have hired professionals to do the installation for you, you may still wonder if there is anything that you can do to help. If so, use the following tips to help prepare your home for A/C installation.

1. Narrow Down the Location of the Air Conditioning Unit

One thing that you can do to help prepare for the arrival of the workers with your new air conditioning unit is to narrow down the location where you want it to go. Even if you have an older unit, you may have decided that its location is not particularly convenient for you. If you have never had one, this step is vital, as it will give the contractor an idea as to where to start working.

When trying to decide where to put the unit, select a spot that is relatively flat and is not in a gulley that will cause water to pool around it. Also, be mindful of any large bushes or trees, as their growth can inhibit the airflow around the unit. If possible, try to have two choices of spots to give to the contractor. Since they are experienced with placing A/C units, they may decide that one is more suitable than the other.

2. Clear Paths Both Inside and Outside of Your Home

After you have an idea as to where to put the unit, the next thing you can do to prepare for installation day is to clear paths both inside and outside of your home. You want to give the workers easy access to your driveway as well as the area in which the unit will go. On the inside, make sure you pick up all clutter off of the floor and remove anything hanging on the walls. Even if you already have ductwork in place, the workers may need to replace or extend certain parts of it. To do this, they need to be able to move around freely.

The more you do to prepare for your installation day, the faster the workers can get finished with installing your air conditioning system without fear of damaging anything. For more specific information about what you can do to prepare, contact the HVAC contractor who will be performing your A/C installation.