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Winter Plumbing Problems That You Can Prevent

Winter may bring beautiful white snow that can transform your landscape into an attractive winter wonderland, but that snow can create potentially serious problems for your residential plumbing system. Plumbing companies tend to get more service calls as the temperatures outside start to dip below freezing and take their toll on residential and commercial plumbing systems. However, many of those calls can be prevented. Keep reading to learn three winter issues that you have the potential to prevent.

Water Heater Troubles

Over the course of the winter, you and your family will use the water heater quite a bit. The additional strain that is placed on the water heater may lead to unanticipated maintenance problems, especially if the unit is older. When corrosion and residue seep inside of the water heater, it is possible for minor leaks to occur and efficiency to decline. Water heater maintenance and repair (generally performed at the time of an annual tune-up) are critical for addressing potential problems, such as leaks, before they get too bad.

Pipe Leaks and Breaks

As the temperatures drop, your plumbing pipes become more and more susceptible to damage. Once the temperatures fall below freezing, it is recommended to leave your faucets just barely dripping, as this will prevent the pipes from freezing. Make sure to take care when using hot water, as it is possible to cause a leaking pipe if you run hot water through a frozen pipe. To prevent a burst pipe and a potential flood in your house, allow the water to gradually warm up before use.

Irrigation System Shutdown

During the winter season, it is not necessarily to water your lawn. However, there is a lot more to preparing your irrigation system for the colder temperatures than simply switching off the sprinklers. It is important that you flush out all of the irrigation lines to make certain that no water is left inside the lines. In the event that water remains in the lines throughout winter, the water could freeze and the pipes could burst. The water valve that leads to these outdoor pipes should also be shut off, as this will help keep the water out during these colder months of the year.

Regardless of whether you need help winterizing your home, maintaining a plumbing appliance, repairing a burst pipe from a winter freeze, or something else entirely, get in touch with plumbing services in your area that handles a variety of plumbing disasters.