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How To Keep Cool When Your Air Conditioner Breaks

Depending on where you live, the summer temperatures can be brutal. In the middle of a heatwave, the last thing you need is for your air conditioner to break. Unfortunately, sometimes accidents happen. Here are five ways to keep cool when your air conditioner stops working.

1. Eat cold foods.

You can combat the heat by eating and drinking cold, refreshing items. According to Time, foods with high water content are better at cooling you down, since your body doesn't need to expend a lot of energy to digest them. Refrigerated fruit is a great choice for this. Try eating ice cold pineapple, melons, or strawberries to cool down. For even more cooling power, ice pops can do the trick.

2. Get the air circulating.

When your air conditioner is broken, your top priory should be getting as much airflow into your house as possible. Open all your windows to let the breeze in. If it's a still day without much wind, you can supplement the breeze by turning on any fans in your home. Ceiling fans are the most effective, but stand fans can also provide some relief.

3. Take off excess clothing.

When it comes to staying comfortable, fashion and function are sometimes at odds. If your air conditioner breaks, your focus should be on keeping cool. That means taking off excess clothing. When getting dressed, choose fabrics that are lightweight and breathable, such as cotton and linen. Avoid long pants like jeans, and instead opt for shorts that allow more ventilation. Loose clothes will help you stay cooler than tight clothing.

4. Take cold showers.

While a cold shower might not be the most pleasant thing in the world, it can help reduce your body temperature. Wash the sweat off your body and cool down by jumping in the shower on a hot summer day. Frequent, short cold showers can help you make it through the heat until your air conditioner is fixed.

5. Contact an air conditioner repair service.

While these tips will help you stay as cool as possible in the short term, there's still no replacement for a good air conditioner. An air conditioning repair service will sent a professional to your location to assess and fix your AC unit. In most cases, you can avoid having to replace your unit. Your serviceman will be able to remove and replace any worn components, which will save you money when compared to the cost of purchasing and installing a new air conditioner.