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Ways To Keep Your Home Cool During Summer Without AC

Although it is cold in most areas of the country, summer and its heat are right around the corner, and you will need to make plans for an AC installation; otherwise, you will be wishing for the ice and snow of winter to be back. But when your home is not set up to install an AC system with ventilation ducts, there are several other options you can use in your home. Here are three options to help you keep your home cool during the summer when you can't install a whole-home air conditioner system.

Use Room Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans are a more inexpensive option to help keep your house cooler, as they work by moving the air through the room. This helps your body feel cooler, while it does not actually remove any heat from the room. A ceiling fan installed and running in each room of your home will not increase your home's energy bill a great deal during the heat of summer. And the ceiling fan is up out of the way in the room without creating extra clutter to the space.

Install Ductless Air Conditioning

Another option you can use to cool your home is with a ductless air conditioner, which is also called a mini-split. This type of air conditioning system is great in your home because it is more energy-efficient and does not loose energy through any ducts. And because the mini-split does not turn on and off as it works to regulate your home's temperature, it uses less energy by avoiding unnecessary powering on and off.

A ductless mini-split is mounted high on the wall in your home, making it unobtrusive, and the compressor is situated outside the home where it expels heat it collects from your home's air. You can install several ductless air conditioners throughout your home, especially if your family has differing needs in terms of a comfortable temperature. You can set one air conditioner at a lower temperature and another at a warmer temperature in another part of the house.

Add Window Air Conditioning Units

A third option is to install a temporary and removable window air conditioning unit. This unit sits within your open window with its back-end condenser pointed to the outside of your home. The front of the unit sits inside your home for you to control. As it works, it will pull heat from your home air and expel it through the coils to the outside of your home.

This unit allows you to keep your window space free during spring, fall, and winter as the unit is mobile and you can store it away. But during summer and when your unit is in the window, be sure you use a window panel to block heat and insects from entering your home through the open portion. For more information, contact a company like Jahnke  Heating & Air today.