simple repairs for your air conditioning

Being Prepared For Winter With An HVAC Tune Up

The last thing most of us think about during the warm summer months is the heat in our homes. Most people are running the air conditions to stay cool, and as the weather starts to turn into cool fall days, the air conditioner gets shut off in favor of open windows and cool breezes. But winter will be sneaking up quickly so making sure the heating system is working, is important before you need it.

Basic HVAC Maintenance

One of the first things to consider is changing the filters in your heating and cooling system. If the AC has been on a lot through the summer months, the filters are most likely dirty and due to be changed. The filters inside the home are very easy to change, and you can get replacements at any home center. 

There are typically one or two filters to deal with, and most are designed to be removed and thrown away, not cleaned. While you are cleaning up inside, take a duster and wipe any dust out of the vents inside your home as well. It will build up there and even if you have been using the AC, you can still have some dust settle in the system between the time the AC was shut off, and the heat is turned on.

Outside Maintenance

While you can not really service your own HVAC unit, the area around it needs to be free from long grass and debris so that the service tech can get in and work around the unit. Mowing the grass and trimming the weeds around the outside of the unit will make it easier to get to. If your HVAC unit is behind a hedgerow, trim the hedges up and remove the clippings from the area. Beyond that, there is not a lot for you do outside but keeping thing neat and trimmed around the unit will make it look nice, keep things out of the unit, and make it easier to work on.

Schedule A Service Call

The final step is to call and set up a service call and have the HVAC unit checked over to ensure it is ready to go when the weather gets cold. Most HVAC companies are going to get busy in the late fall so if you can schedule it earlier in the fall, you will have more choices for the day and time you want the service to be done. Because the tech will need to get into the home, someone will need to be there while the service is completed. And, the earlier the service is completed, the less you have to worry about when it is time to turn on the heat.

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