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Do You Have An Older Commercial Property With No AC? Why You Want To Make The Investment

If you have a commercial property with no central air conditioning and your staff complains every year when the temperatures rise, it's time to make an investment to improve your commercial space and your business. Central air conditioning will be a great option for the building, and you want to talk with a commercial HVAC professional to see what unit they suggest. Here are some of the reasons why you want to put in the time and money for a unit.

Comfort Improves Productivity

When your employees are cool and comfortable as they work, instead of hot, sticky and sweaty, they will be able to work harder for longer. They won't be distracted by their discomfort, sweating, or the temperature inside the building, and instead, they will be able to stay on track and worry about more important things, like the job in front of them.

Keep Electronics Cool and Dry

If there is no air conditioning in the building, it can be a big problem for your electronic devices. The heat can cause them to get too hot and get damaged internally, and if there is a lot of moisture in the air this can cause problems for the components, and they can erode. Air conditioning keeps everything at a suitable temperature and keeps humidity out of the air.

Eliminate Musty Odors

Heat and humidity can cause condensation, and when you have condensation that dries in the space, it can lead to some mold and mildew. Once you have mold and mildew, a musty smell may linger around the office. You want to eliminate these odors by treating the areas that have been damaged or affected, and then by also having an air conditioner to work as a dehumidifier to keep the space clean. Less damp air in the space helps to prevent toxins from being in the air as well.

Hopefully, the commercial air conditioning contractor can use the vents that have in place now for the heating system, when they install the central air conditioning unit. Look for an environmentally friendly unit that will run efficiently for you throughout the summer, and that will use the least amount of energy possible. You will be creating a better workspace for the staff and all who enter the building when the summer months are hot, and you will be improving the property value of the building at the same time.

For more information on commercial air conditioning repair, contact your local HVAC service today.