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Electrician Tips For Less Commercial Down Time


They say time is money. This means that every minute your equipment stay idle due to electrical problems, you lose money. Your production is reduced and your overheads increased as you are paying workers who are not working.

Whether you are in the medical, travel, IT, or manufacturing sector, the cost can be enormous, much more than financial. Your clients may miss their flight, lose their money, or even their lives.

All in all, you will find that your business is unable to deliver, costing you your reputation that you've worked so hard to build.

You want to make sure your electric system is in tip-top shape and down time reduced to a minimum. How do you do this? Let's get some tips from an electrician.

Energy Efficiency

Your commercial electrician will examine your equipment and suggest more energy efficient equipment and installations.  He may recommend a switch to LED lights or that you install a solar heater. These will reduce consumption and cut down on energy costs.

Get Back-Up

Any business that is highly dependent on electricity needs back-up power. This will reduce your down time should you have a power outage or a breakdown.

This being a commercial enterprise, we are not talking about the simple portable generator that you can install yourself.

You'll need a complex, heavy duty system that can sustain your operations for hours, even days.

Installing a commercial backup generator is a serious undertaking that will require the services of a qualified commercial electrician.


To avoid frequent downtime, your electric system requires regular maintenance of installations and wiring. This will ensure that any threats are detected early enough and fixed before they bring the whole system to a halt. It will also save you repair costs in the long run.

Quality Monitoring & Management Systems

Outside the scheduled maintenance, you may need to install a management and monitoring systems that watches your electric system 24/7.

This Involves installing a complex system with devices that accomplish specific tasks. There may be devices that generate current and past data on consumption to measure the system's efficiency. They will also monitor consumption and quality of electricity.

Monitoring also involves generating data on circuit loading, low and high voltage, the status of equipment and also early warning systems.

Depending on how vital electricity is to your business, electricians will prescribe and install appropriate electric systems. These will help ensure that you keep down time to a minimum, or even eliminate it completely. Contact a service, like Henry's Service All , for more help.