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Adding An Addition To The Home? 3 Air Conditioning Options

There are plenty of reasons to add an addition to the home. Not only does it add square footage, it can also increase a home's value. Additions are a great way to create more space for an expanding family or to create a space for friends and family to stay. While additions can be a great home improvement project, they involve more than just building a few extra rooms. The air conditioning system often needs to be altered in the process. Here are three air conditioning options for home additions.

Extend Existing System

One option is to extend the existing air conditioning system into the addition. This may work if the air conditioning system in place is powerful enough or if the addition is fairly small in terms of square footage. An HVAC contractor will help determine whether or not this is possible. New duct work will be need to be added to the new space. The average cost of installing duct work is between $35 and $55 per linear foot with materials and labor included.

Install A New System For The Addition

Another option is to get an air conditioner that is only for the addition. There are a few different options that homeowners can choose from. They can add another central air conditioning system or instead choose to go with a window air conditioner. Large additions will likely require central air, however smaller additions may only require a window unit. The cost of a window air conditioner ranges from $138 to $481 on average. An air conditioning system that's only for the addition may also be required if it's not possible to extend existing duct work or if the addition is detached from the home.

Upgrade Current Air Conditioner

In some cases it may be possible to extend the duct work, but the existing air conditioning system is not powerful enough to cool the additional square footage. Upgrading to a new system can be the solution to this problem. A new air conditioner will cost on average between $3,718 and $7,178. It's important to have an air conditioner that can adequately cool the entire home. Upgrading can also lead to increased energy efficiency and a more comfortable home overall.

These are a few of the options for cooling the new space you're adding to your home. If you have other questions or you want more information, check out websites like