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Apples To Apples: Comparing The Cons Of Central And Window Acs

One of the best ways of comparing things is to look at their respective disadvantages. You need to know the worst that can happen depending on each route. For example, if you are comparing central and window air conditioners (ACs), you need to know some of the headaches you are in for if you opt for either of those systems. Here are the respective pros of these systems:

Central Air Conditioner Cons

High Cost of Installation

Installing a central AC is way more expensive than installing a window AC unit. Homeowners typically pay between $3,715 and $7,169, with the average being $5,318. The actual cost depends on a variety of factors including the system's heating capacity (in British thermal units), energy efficiency, brand, and prevailing labor costs, among others.

They Are Expensive To Repair

Even if your central AC is very reliable, there is always a risk that it will malfunction at one point, and you will need a technician's intervention. If that happens, expect to pay at least an average of $310 as the repair costs. This is relatively high given that you can spend about the same amount, or even less, to buy a window AC.

They Consume a Lot of Energy

Given their big sizes, it is not surprising that central ACs consume a lot of energy. Expect your central AC to consume about 3,000 to 5,000 watts of power per hour during the hot summer months. To make it worse, this energy will be heating the whole house, even the rooms you aren't using, which means some of the energy will be going to waste.

Window Air conditioner Cons

There are two major disadvantages of running a window AC, namely:

Low Filtration Capacity

Window air conditioners have relatively low filtration capacities. This means that they don't clean the air as well as central air conditioners. This may not be a problem for some people, but it is a big deal if you are sensitive to particles in the air, for example, if you have respiratory ailments such as asthma.

Uneven Heating and Cooling

Window ACs don't just have the capacity to circulate the air as efficiently as their central counterparts. Inefficient air circulation means that some places in your house will be colder than others. This may make it difficult to make the house comfortable for everyone.

Ultimately, your choice of AC will also depend on your specific circumstances such as the state of air pollution in your home or how much you are interested in energy conservation. An air conditioning technician can assess your house and help you make the best decision. Click here for more help.