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Reasons You Should Consider Replacing Your Home's Old Furnace

If you have an older home, and the furnace in it is also old, you may be putting off the installation of a new furnace for saving money. Your furnace may be making odd noises or not heating as well as it used to. The older your furnace gets, the more likely it is to have serious problems, some that could cost more than your entire heating system is worth. Find out more about some of the reasons you should seriously consider the installation of a new furnace.

No Blower, No Warm Air Circulation

The blower is essential for your furnace to heat your home because it circulates the generated warm air into the ducts so it can make its way to the vents inside your home. When the furnace is old, the blower and its motor are probably just as old. While the replacement of a blower or its motor isn't likely going to break the bank, it is senseless to have a new one pout into a furnace with several other old components that are likely going to break down sooner than later.

Preventing Carbon Monoxide from Entering Your Home

A heat exchanger is a piece of metal inside your furnace that is made to heat up, the element that warms the air you feel coming out of your vents. When a heat exchanger is old, it is at high risk of cracking. A cracked heat exchanger will cause carbon monoxide to leak into your home, a serious and deadly safety hazard. If you learn your older system's heat exchanger is cracked, your best option is to replace the entire system. If anyone in your home has started having headaches, nausea, and burning eyes, carbon monoxide could be causing the problem.

When Your Furnace's Brain Gives Out

When the circuit board in your older furnace fails, it is time to get a new furnace. The circuit board is your furnace's "brain," or its controls governing every aspect of your furnace's operations. If your furnace is old, a new circuit board may be hard to find. Also, if the parts in your furnace are old and also likely to wear out faster than the new circuit board, there is no point in spending the cash on a new "brain" for it.

Maintaining your furnace can help to increase its life span. However, after so many years, a furnace will need to be replaced because of wear and tear. If your furnace is old and has starting acting up, contact an HVAC professional such as Butler Heating & Air today for an inspection so you can see whether it is time for a new furnace.