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Is Your Electric Furnace Overheating? How To Prevent It From Happening

If you have an old furnace that is powered by electricity instead of gas, you may have issues with the furnace overheating at some point. This not only can damage the furnace itself, but be a potential fire hazard. Sparks can be created that will burn wiring in the furnace, and the soft air filter can become flammable if a fire spreads. Here are some tips that will help prevent the overheating from happening.

Why Cleaning The Electric Furnace's Heating Element Is Important

If your old furnace is maintained and cleaned every year, it can still function quite well despite its old age. What you need to be concerned about is if the furnace's heating element starts to have a build up of debris on it. This will cause the electric furnace to not operate correctly.

The parts that you need to watch out for is the coil inside that resembles the heating coil inside a toaster. Since this heating element can get extremely hot when it is in use, it is very important that it doesn't have anything touching it that can potentially catch on fire. This includes small dust particles, dirt, or other debris.

How To Clean An Electric Furnace's Heating Element

Start by turning off all power going to your furnace, which can be done at your home's circuit breaker to be certain that the power is off. Locate the door that is covering the heating element on the furnace and remove it.

Give the heating element a visual inspection. Do any of the coils look frayed, loose, warped, or dented? If so, you should have a professional furnace repair service come replace the coil for you. A coil that is damaged in this way is a fire hazard. If the coil is looking like it is free of damage, you can move on to cleaning it.

Use a rag to wipe off the area around the heating coil inside the electric furnace, being careful not to shift the coil out of its position when doing so. This is because the coil can become loose from its connection point. Carefully remove dust and debris from the coil with a feather duster. The soft tips will not damage or snag the furnace's very delicate heating element this way

Put the access door back on, turn on the power, and everything should be good to go. Observe the furnace for a little bit to make sure it is not overheating. If it does, you could have a bigger problem at hand. You will need the help of an HVAC repair company to figure out what is wrong. Contact a business, such as Bill's Heating & Air Conditioning, for more information.