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Defects In Your Ducts That Cause Inefficiency And Poor Air Quality

If you notice that it is colder this winter than in the past, the problem might be with your air ducts. The quality of your air ducts affects the air quality of your home and how energy-efficient your home is. An efficient HVAC system is based on having a balanced air flow. An imbalanced airflow can create negative pressure that can pull heat and pollutants into your ducts.

Dirty Air Ducts

Your air quality inside your home will be significantly worse if you do not keep your air ducts clean. By keeping your ducts dirty, germs and dust will be circulated more throughout your home. Fortunately, there are companies specialized in cleaning air ducts.

Poor Insulation

If you notice that your energy bills are very high, your air ducts might not be properly insulated. Even if you did have adequate insulation, your insulation might have deteriorated and is no longer protecting your ducts from heat loss. If you have insulated flexible ducts, make sure that the insulation is not torn or that the ducts are not twisted or damaged. If the ducts are kinked, your home will have much less airflow.


At the location where your register connects to the ducts, there must be a proper seal. Otherwise, there might be a leak and heat loss. You may also have a leak resulting from a crack or hole in the ducts. This opening can significantly reduce the efficiency of your ducts. Depending on the location of the leak, pollutants can bypass your filters and enter your home. Your energy bills can become much higher as well when hot air from your attic or cold air from your basement gets pulled into your ducts and circulated throughout the rest of your home. This problem can force your furnace to work harder and raise your energy costs.

Improper Design

Sometimes, your ducts were not designed properly in the first place. The ducts need to be sized correctly. They need to pass through conditioned spaces or the heater will not function as efficiently. If your ducts are not installed properly, your ducts might also have leaks. Also, if your ducts are not properly balanced, not enough air will be traveling to each room.

The best solution is to contact a duct specialist that provides air duct cleaning and repair services. The specialist will be able to pump dirt and debris out of your home and will also