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3 Tips For Preparing Your Air Conditioning Unit For Winter

Your air conditioning serves you well during the long summer months, but what do you need to do when it gets colder outside and you don't need it anymore? It's quite simple, actually, there are a few steps you can take now before putting your air conditioner to sleep for the winter that will keep it in optimal condition to tackle next summer when it is needed again. Here's what you should do...

Replace All Filters

Filters can do a lot to make the air in your home nice and fresh, yet once filters become old and dingy, they can actually hinder the overall function of your air conditioning system. So, before laying your system to rest for the winter season, go ahead and replace all the filters in your system. Otherwise, when you start up they might be so caked that your unit doesn't feel like it is running very well. So, before you forget, get on it now and replace the filters while you're still somewhat using it. 

Get Some Routine Maintenance

No matter how hard you try, eventually every piece of machinery breaks down. The only way to avoid this eventuality is getting routine checks from licensed maintenance technicians. A surprisingly good time to do this is during the winter months, since this is often when a lull occurs in most HVAC repair service's schedule. This way, you won't be fighting a tight booking and you can get your unit fixed up from any problems it might have before it goes to sleep for the winter. 

Clean Up Around Your Blower Unit

Protecting your blower unit during the winter months is a crucial part of preventative maintenance as well. This part is quite simple in of itself, as you will merely need to go to your outdoor blower unit and give it a nice hose down as well as removing any debris from the fans. Just remember to power down your blower unit via the circuit breaker before cleaning and allow it to dry properly before turning it back on again. After you've got the unit squeaky clean, then it is just a matter of covering the top portion of it sealed somehow so animals or other debris can get inside the unit during the winter months. 

So, if you follow the few handy tips above, your air conditioning unit should survive the winter months in perfect working order and awaken happily when it comes time to use it again.