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3 Reasons To Install Radiant Heating Systems

One of the best heating options at your disposal is radiant heating due to the large number of benefits that it can provide. A radiant heating system can provide an energy-efficient, low-maintenance, and healthy heating option. 

Energy Efficient

A radiant heating system can help you cut down on your home's energy usage throughout the winter, mostly because the system is often divided into heating zones. A heating zone can comprise anything from all of the bedrooms in the home to simple zones that consist of only a single floor of your home.

The benefit of a heating zone is that you can simply turn on your heater and activate a single heating zone in order to heat rooms that are in use. This is a big advantage over most other types of heating systems that will attempt to heat every room in the house regardless of whether the rooms are in use. 


Another reason to consider a radiant heating system is because it can provide you with a low-maintenance heating system. With a forced-air heating system, maintenance will typically consist of keeping the ducts, vents, and furnace filter clean in order to keep the system working as well as possible.

However, a radiant heating system will require less maintenance as the only component that will require regular maintenance is the boiler system that is responsible for providing hot water to the pipes underneath your floors and in your walls. If you opt for a radiant heating system that only uses electrical panels in your floors and walls instead of pipes, then your heating system will require even less maintenance as you will not need to maintain a boiler system. 


Finally, a radiant heating system can help you make yourself and your family healthier by preventing your heating system from introducing dust or allergens into the air within your home, or of moving existing dust and allergens around your home. The primary reason for this is that a radiant heating system does not utilize fans or a duct system. As a result, there is no build up of dust and allergens within the ducts like you would find with a forced-air heating system, nor will there be a fan to spread those particles all over the house.

Speak to a local HVAC contractor in order to discuss your radiant heating options. A radiant heating system is a great option for anyone who wants a healthier and more energy efficient home that does not require a lot of maintenance.