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Greening Your Laundry Routine: Save Money And Energy On Laundry Day

Are you on the lookout for more efficient ways to save money on your laundry routine? Is the environment also a concern for you? If so, there are several things you can do to green up your laundry day. The following tips are some great ideas to consider:

Use the Correct Water Temperature

One great way to increase your energy efficiency and save money is to use the correct water temperature when washing laundry. Much of the energy expended during the washing process is spent heating the water for hot-water loads. For the most part, the majority of your laundry can be washed in cold water. Only whites, linens, and extra soiled items need a full hot water washing. Installing a tankless water heater can positively affect your hot water energy usage because it takes less work to heat the water than traditional tanks. They are a great investment for any home.

Make Your Own Detergent

Making your own laundry detergent is another way not only to save some money, but it also is more environmentally friendly. Homemade laundry detergent is not as harsh on skin or textiles, which is another wonderful benefit. A basic laundry detergent is very easy to make with ingredients found in any grocery store. Simply grate a bar of your favorite soap, add in a cup of washing soda and a cup of borax and mix completely. Use one or two tablespoons of the detergent for each load. If you would like more scent in your detergent, you can add a half-cup of fabric softener crystals to the mix. You can also add in a few drops of essential oil to each load of laundry for added scent.

Avoid Partial Loads

Try to accumulate a full load of clothing before running the washing machine. Smaller loads cause you to run the washer much more often, which increase your energy output and your carbon footprint. If you must wash a small load, be sure to adjust your water level to the small setting on your washing machine.

Consider Line-Drying Your Laundry

If you want to drastically decrease your energy bill, consider installing a clothesline and line dry your laundry. Not only is line-drying more energy efficient, but it also keeps your home cooler in the warmer months, meaning you spend less time cooling the house. If you live in a development governed by a homeowners association, make sure clotheslines are allowed in your area.

By using a few of these tips, you can be sure that you will be taking great strides to save some money and positively affect the environment. If you are interested in installing a tankless water heater or have any questions about how they work, give your local HVAC company a call.

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