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Discover The Benefits Of Zoned Cooling

A number of homeowners use a traditional cooling system to cool their home. With this type of system, the forced air is dispersed throughout the ducts, evenly. A great addition to a traditional unit is zoned cooling. Zoned air conditioning systems operate just like traditional systems, except for the fact that there are dampers installed within the ductwork. These dampers divide your home into different cooling areas that are all controlled from a centrally located panel. Installing this type of feature in your home can afford a number of benefits.

Increased Comfort

It's not uncommon for the temperature inside a home to vary from room to room. Depending on a particular area's exposure to the sun or the placement of the vents in the space, it can be difficult to keep every area of your home comfortable when you only have the option to set your entire home at one temperature. This statement is especially true for those homes that have multiple levels.  

With zoned cooling, you can cool your home based on the specific cooling needs of a particular space. For an area with increased exposure to the sun, you can lower the temperature without making another space in your home too cold. With this type of system, your cooling needs will be better satisfied and your family will be more comfortable.

Energy Savings

Keeping your energy bills as low as possible requires you to save as much energy as you can. However, when you are forced to lower the temperature in your entire home just to keep one area cool, you're actually wasting energy and you definitely aren't saving on your energy costs. The focused cooling approach that zoned air condition systems provide helps you save energy.

It's estimated that this type of system can save as much as 30 percent on your cooling bill. Given the fact that cooling and heating costs account for a large portion of your energy bills, this can add up to considerable savings. Just think, if you have a space in your home that your family doesn't use often, you could actually raise the temperature within this zone to decrease your overall usage. Instead of an all-in approach, zone cooling prevents you from over cooling and wasting money.

Your home should be the one space designed with you in mind. With a zoned cooling system, this desire can become a reality. Consider the many benefits this system can offer you. Contact a service like Bel Air Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning to learn more.