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Beating The Heat: A Guide To Air Conditioning

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If you own a home or business, then you have probably had to deal with the world of HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning). If you haven’t, then it is a good idea to familiarize yourself with how each system works and what your options are. Here is a brief overview of air conditioning to help you get started:   What is air conditioning really? Air conditioning is a lot more complicated than you might expect. Air conditioners don’t actually create cold air. What really happens is that an air conditioner uses a special substance called a refrigerant. Through a process that is several steps long, the refrigerant is changed from a gas to a liquid repeatedly. This process ultimately leeches the heat from one portion of air and adds it to a separate unit of air. The colder unit of air is then blown into the building that you want to cool  while the hot unit of air is vented outside the building. This is the main reason that your air conditioner has an external component (likely on the roof or near the back of your house/building). It wouldn’t make much sense to dump that hot air back into the building, especially since it would actually result in the temperature of the building increasing.    So what are the different air conditioning options? There are three main air conditioners that you are likely to encounter. The first is central air conditioning, which is often the most efficient option. A central air conditioner works by at a single location and then distributes the cold air throughout the building via ventilation. If you want to get air conditioning for a large building or a building with a lot of rooms, then a central system is a good choice. The second is portable air conditioning. As you might expect, portable air conditioners are quite versatile and can be moved around depending on your needs. Portable AC’s aren’t quite as efficient as other units and will cost you more energy in the long run. Finally, you might want to think about window-based air conditioners, which are great if you have a window that you don’t mind converting. A window-based air conditioner simply sits on a windowsill and dumps the hot air outside while blowing cool air inside. If you only need to keep a single room air-conditioned, then a window-based unit might be your best bet. Contact a local contractor, such as one from Century Heating & Air Conditioning Services, for further...

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6 Annual Air Conditioner Maintenance Tips

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If you want to keep your air conditioner running, it is best to perform annual maintenance to avoid problems from occurring. Be sure to do these 6 things to ensure everything is running smoothly. 1. Check The Thermostat The thermostat of your air conditioner is the brain behind the equipment. It regulates when the unit turns on and shuts off, which is why it’s so important to make sure it is working properly. If your thermostat requires batteries to operate, consider swapping them out each year. Sometimes the batteries can be providing enough power to show the display, but not have enough power to send signals to the air conditioner to turn on and off. 2. Lubricate The Motor Friction is one of the biggest threats to the motor, which is why it needs to be well lubricated. Read your user manual to figure out what parts of the motor need lubrication, and how to add it. A motor that is not properly lubricated can burn out and require replacement. 3. Clean The Condenser And Evaporator Coils The condenser and evaporator coils should be cleaned every year. This is because of how dust and debris can make the unit run less efficiently, causing the air conditioner to work harder than it needs to. 4. Maintain The AC Blower Air is constantly passing over the blower, and this part can get quite dirty if you neglect it over the years. Shut down the power going to the air conditioner, remove the protective cover, and clean the blower thoroughly. You can use a brush to clean the dirt and dust off the fan blades, and a vacuum to pick up all the loose dirt. 5. Check The Refrigerant An air conditioner with a refrigerant leak is not going to be able to produce cool air. Have the refrigerant levels checked, because if there are low levels, you most likely have a leak somewhere in the system. 6. Change The Filters An air conditioner with a dirty filter is going to have a hard time pushing the cold air through it. Install a new filter every 3 months, and consider a new filter every 1-2 months if you have pets in your home. Not sure how to do some of these things on your own? Contact a local contractor, such as Enright and Sons to service your air conditioning. They will be able to check all of these things for you, and perform maintenance when...

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